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Master Flame

Pump Sprayer

Pump Sprayer

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Purchase an additional pump sprayer for increased productivity.

  • 48oz Capacity
  • Rated for Pressurizing

Technical Information

Specification Sheet & SDS

Application Directions

Using a spray device, evenly distribute Master Flame on all sides of the item or surface being treated, let dry for 24hrs, and repeat as needed. For smaller items, you may fill a container with Master Flame and dip to soak. NOTE: Areas of heavy application may cause slight residue. Simply use a damp towel to remove from the surface.

Before applying a second coat, it is important to allow Master Flame to penetrate the item or surface and air-dry for 24hrs. If you are spraying onto a vertical surface where drain off is possible, multiple applications may be necessary. If you are applying paint or sealer in addition to Master Flame, it is important to apply Master Flame first and allow 24-48 hours to cure before applying a water-based latex paint or sealer on top. For materials exposed to outdoor elements, a water-based sealer is required for best results. Use of oil-based sealers and paints will negatively impact Master Flame’s effectiveness.


Before the full application of Master Flame, a small-scale test should be performed to evaluate materials for compatibility. Begin by applying Master Flame to a small sample of the desired material and let dry for 24 hrs. Once the sample is dry, carefully hold the material vertically and apply a small flame (butane lighter or match) to the treated portion for 10 seconds, and promptly remove the ignition source. If the flame extinguishes within two (2) seconds, you may proceed with the full application. Heavy application may cause slight residue.

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