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ASTM E-84 Test Sheet

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Is Master Flame Easy to Apply?

Yes! Master Flame can be applied by spraying on, rolling on, or submerging in a container.

Is Master Flame in Stock?

Yes, Master Flame is always in stock and ready to ship from our West Chicago, IL Headquarters. Orders placed before 1pm CST will ship out the same day.

Can Master Flame be Used Outside?

Yes, for exterior use it is best to treat the material with Master Flame, allow 24 hours to dry, then seal it with an exterior water-based finish over the top.

Does Master Flame Work on Drywall?

Yes, Master Flame can be applied to drywall. However, to achieve efficacy it is important to apply Master Flame first and allow 24 hours before painting.

Can I Apply Paint or Sealer over Master Flame?

Yes. Before applying your finish, allow Master Flame to fully dry. Finishes must be water-based to ensure adhesion. Test in an inconspicuous area to verify there are no negative reactions with the material.

Can I Use Master Flame on Fabrics Such as Burlap, Curtains, and Couches?

Yes, Master Flame is compatible with most absorbent fabrics. Before applying, it is important to test in an inconspicuous area to ensure no negative reaction with the material.

Can I apply Master Flame to a Metal, Polyester, or Plastic Surface?

No, Master Flame is only compatible with porous materials that can absorb the liquid. Metals, plastics, and polyesters are not suited for use of Master Flame.

How Do I Know if Master Flame Will Work?

The best way to know Master Flame will work is by performing a small-scale compatibility test before full application. Please download and read the Master Flame Specification Sheet for details on how to perform the recommended compatibility test.

How Much Master Flame Do I Need?

Quantity / Approximate Coverage (sq ft.)

1 Quart = 125 sq ft.

1 Gallon = 500 sq ft.

4 Gallon Case = 2000 sq ft.

5 Gallon Pail = 2500 sq ft.

55 Gallon Drum = 27500 sq ft.

Does Master Flame Ship Internationally?

Yes, Master Flame ships internationally from our West Chicago, IL Headquarters.

Do You Need a License to Apply Master Flame?

In most cases, you do not need a certification. However, it is recommended to check code requirements with your local fire marshal before applying.

What is Your Return Policy?

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